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Robert Sheriff AUTHOR OF Detective Crow – New York, New York – Coming Soon
My name is Robert Sherriff, I hope this email finds you well. I am 64 years-old. I have just started writing books in the last three years to four years. So I can finish my book series Titled (Dirkbell) I have written and product the first book in the series. My books talk about doing the right thing and helping out in your neighborhood.
Entered into The Australian Prime Minister’s PM Literary Awards 2019
Robert Sherriff-Australian – Actor-Model-Poet- Author-Singer- Historian – Photographer
Robert Sherriff-Australian my second book a Children’s book – Dirkbell – see details below – out all ready – please click on links to buy thank you Please click on link to buy thank you
Dirkbell the squirrel lives at the top of a huge oak tree near the sea, with his wife and their twin babies. Every day he scampers around the woods, collecting enough food for his family.
He is friendly with the mice family who owns the bakery at the foot of the tree but when Cooper, a brown terrier who lives nearby, scares off Tom the cat, then Cooper takes matters into his own hands.
Can he persuade Cooper to mend his ways? Will Tom come back if he does? It’s up to Cooper to save the day and the peace and quiet of his neighborhood by convincing the unruly pup to value friendship and to be considerate towards others.

Robert Sherriff - NOBODY'S HOME
Please read this. Don’t run away. This book it is about (“Domestic abuse”) and (‘Sexual Abuse”) Most people don’t want to talk about it? You say taboo you say “NO” too hard subject.
Everyone is entitled to be brought up in a safe and secure environment, free from violence, abuse, and cruelty. It is one of the fundamental rights of anyone brought into the world by parents who should love and care for them above all else.
But for Robert Sherriff, it wasn’t like that. First behind the closed doors of a seemingly ordinary family home and then in the dark recesses of a society that was ill-equipped to deal with the trauma and suffering he experienced, Robert found that mercy was just a dream.
At the hands of a brutally violent father, his complicit mother and a society indifferent to his suffering, Robert became another statistic in the South Australian State’s role of shame, exposed to institutional abuse, rape, and murder.
In his book, Nobody’s Home, Robert tells his story in graphic detail as he literally struggles to survive a system where young children were commodities and the law turned a blind eye to unimaginable evil.
He writes about the men and the mechanisms that consumed their innocence and then discarded them to a life of shameful silence, only truly beginning to live freely when his father took his own life.
By speaking out, against the odds, Robert is concluding his miracle of survival and giving hope to others. if you are an abuse survivor this book is for you. Remember it was not your fault. you were a child innocent. You trusted everyone you did not know there was so much evil in this world who listened to your screams who listened to you crying who who-who?
I hope you put my book on your list. I feel it is important as abuse survivors to read others stories. We must support one another. My book is honest look into my past. If you ever decide to read my memoir NOBODY’S HOME please click on any of the links below.

Robert Sheriff AUTHOR OF Detective Crow – New York, New York!An_oPpgBerREniVOiUGFi8prBbmU
Robert Sheriff AUTHOR OF Detective Crow – New York, New York
Coming Soon – Detective Crow – New York, New York by Robert Sheriff
Detective Crow – New York, New York is the new book by Robert Sheriff. Part Noir Thriller, part Fantasy, part Alternative History of the world Detective Crow includes a host of memorable and captivating characters.
The story takes place on the mean streets of New York and a future where humanity lives in underground bunkers and humanoid robots walk the earth. We shift dynamically between science fiction, historical fact and Detective Crow’s battle with her nemesis Captain Neira and the femme fatale thief Princess Blackie.
In a world populated by rabbits, rats, monkeys, aliens, robots, keystone cop style policing and the major world events of the 20th and 21st Century this book has more laughs and ideas on each page than the average novel. It will be enjoyed by both young and old. R. L. Sherriff
Robert Sherriff Author of NOBODY’S HOME
Robert Sherriff Author of DIRKBELL
Robert Sheriff AUTHOR OF Detective Crow – New York, New York – Coming Soon