Jade, Rory and Nathaniel by Robert Sherriff

Jade, Rory and Nathaniel

Jade, Rory and Nathaniel
Oh, no please No. Not again. Has anybody here seen my friends? 
Jade, Rory and Nathaniel. Please tell me where they’re gone?
Robert Sherriff 2017
Déjà vu it has happened again. I have had this all my life. I am truly cursed? or did someone put an evil spell on me? I have been to places where I then get a chill. 

I then must get out of there as fast as I can. I knew when my Twin Brother Peter died. There were six people in the car they were all killed. My Twin and I were very close. I nearly went for that ride. This happened over forty years ago. 

I knew when Mrs S died, I cry so much. When my father committed suicide, he took the gutless way out. 

When I was overseas, another friend of mine died his name was Peter. Did I know how? I was in shock. Was the Angel of death stalking me? Was my world meant to be a world of death? 

A song I heard over 50 years ago, in my head, then this song came out in the last twenty years. Bad habits. 

I had such a tragic life as a child a victim of sex abuse. A was a victim of Domestic violence followed by years of horrific abuse. I was a street kid. I only had a Grade three education. I then started my own company. We turn over about four million a year.
I was a two-pound baby. Three months premature. My Father broke my arm and four ribs when I was seven years old with a broomstick and his fist. As a child, I was a little seven-year-old boy who suffered such a traumatising miserable childhood. I at the age wanted to die. Again, as I said I would suffer such horrific injuries. Broken Bones. Beaten to an inch of my life. 1961 I was covered with the terrible bruises after the most savage beaten by my Father. 

I knew I Breathed the Devil’s Fire when I saw my Fathers Face. The hate in his eyes. 
Then I was to be tragically sexually abused. By adults. Employed by the State Government of South Australia. I saw the face of this evil. The face of these monsters? Have they the look of the Satin? The face of evil and terror is left on the face and in the minds of every lost and frightened little child. Perhaps it will expunge the hate and tragedy I have seen in my life. You know they have hurt me all my life. 

Please don’t read this if you are one of those people who think they fucking know it all don’t even scrutinise me don’t even try to understand me as you don’t know me the man behind the man I am who I am God gave me life God gave me my faith God held my hand. Did you? So, put away your pessimism. Give me your mind, your time, your heart, and your ears. 

The thing I want the most from you is your voice, a voice that is high and loud. A voice. That will shout out to the World. And make a difference in this World. I found God when I was 7. Please read this story a story that will stand a story that will inspire, my story. Many stories. 

A story of hope and courage. The World is my stage. The world can be your stage if only you let it in. Never regret what you could have done (IF) only. Oh no please, No. Not again. What would I do? What could I say? Why, why? Never have I seen so much sorry. Why? am I so damned am I just bad luck? This story takes you back into the past and brings you back to the present day and then back to the past again. Never in my life have I ever see so much heartache and pain. The sorrow. I always get that feeling when something bad is going to happen.
I left home that morning about 6-30am on 23-1-2003. The sky was dark, cloud cover rain and hail the wind was blowing a Gale. Speed about 34 to 40 knots (39 to 46 miles per hour; 63 to 74 kilometres per hour); dangerous storms trees were swaying. Trees uprooted. Car accidents. A neighbour’s black cat two doors down ran across the road in front of my car. 
I knew this would be not like any other day. My thoughts my actions my six senses. 

I talk about courage, love, hope, family, and strength of this beautiful family. In this world, the Woman and Man in this story are my Heroes. My heart was shallow so dark. So full of hurt, anger, why, some people blame God for things that happen. I don’t. I have taken a long time to write down my thoughts on paper. My (words). When anyone says to me, they are having a tough time? I say no you’re not. I then tell them this story. Don’t you know what a tough time is? No, you don’t. Think again you have it easy. It’s not all about you in this World. Some people think because they have a sore finger it is the end of the earth. 

Speak out fix an unjust right a wrong. Have an open heart, love your neighbour’s? Help those who cannot help themselves. I repeat myself sometimes as I want you to see all the different stories in this story and the pain in the world my pain David and Michelle’s grief and your pain, we all need to love one another and pray. 

“Tears are wording the mouth can’t say nor can the soul bare”

When I started writing this story, I thought to myself there are millions of other stories out there. It just happens, s to be the one I became involved. This tragedy occurred just after the new century had approached 22-1-2003 it would become a journey for David and Michelle that no one should ever have to bear. Their courage, their love for each other. 

This Woman is a SAINT. They are a hard-working couple who only wanted a good life for their children. The Husband was a truck driver who would sometimes work 18 hours a day and his wife would make concrete moulds of Statues and sell them in her shop to help with their expenses and their dreams. Such a friendly couple. Open hearts. So, kind. They lived in a small country town. 

This was a small industrial area in the shadows of grain silos. And they always made you welcome. If you turned up at their house, they would always feed you, give you a coffee. I first started working with this David back in early 1980 and in late 1990, s. We used to work for Rob Williams who had his own company in telecommunications. 

My mate David was a bobcat operator. And the three of us had a good working relationship. We were known as The Three Musketeers. We would all work together until there was a bad break-up with the boss and me. My mate David would then leave after weighing up all his options. Then a year or two would pass. I was working at a paving company. I thought of them often. I knew the state this family had moved to and the town. On the way to work one day. I bought a paper; there was a story about three children drowning. I was not sure what happened (the full story) again I knew the state and town I knew something was wrong. 

The sad thing about this bust up. Robert Williams was only paying me $50 for a 14hour day sometimes or 8 hours or 16 hours $50 this was going back over 30 years. I stopped working for him about 2000. I was also in hospital for 8 weeks with skin grafts during this time I never saw Williams once and I received no money to help with my young family. He begged me to not go to WorkCover. When I left and decided to take Williams and his wife to court. His wife Sharyn sent me a letter. It stated that I thought life was like winning the X-lotto and I was ripping them off. I knew then she was a fucking water buffalo. I remember I went to there house early one day and I went to their bedroom window. Well boy I got a shock her tits were bigger than a cow.

It reminded me about the time Robert Williams was bragging to David and myself about having sex with Sharyn’s best friend were in each other’s wedding and what a great friend Elain was how Robert was fucking her. I said what about Sharyn at the time he said fuck her it’s about getting my dick sucked. Sharyn is starting to be a fucking water buffalo. I smiled and said yes.     

I was ringing and ringing no answer again next day no response. I took a day off then the bomb went off in my brain one of their relations phoned me. I just started to cry and cry and cry. When I got home from the shops, I saw the story on the news. It scared the hell out of me. I was shaking so bad. Sweating and throwing up. I know my mate David worked in this other state of Australia. Up near Darwin NT the heartache, this is a sad story a sorrowful story, compelling story. Where they must overcome their Demons to lose one child is bad enough, but to lose three children, any heart would be broken to hear of this journey an unwanted voyage how these beautiful people have coped or survived? 

The suicide for this case would have been tenfold over. They have always said no child or individual should die before your parents. Such an inspirational story is a story that must be told by me. We now go back in time the family decided to leave the state and move onto another warmer state Darwin. Where it would rain in the late months of the year. 

Michelle had a boy and a girl from her first partner (husband). David had three girls from his relationship with his first wife. Once they got married, they had a little boy. The Worst Day in my Life was at the Three Children’s Funerals. Day of the funeral the saddest thing I have ever seen the three children’s coffins they were all white on top of each over. There were about 400 people at the cemetery. David escorted his wife into the chapel he had to hold her up. 

I wish at that stage. I could have taken away their grief the pain what Michelle and David must have to live with for the rest of her life. Oh, why It’s not fair. When they were laying them to rest, they let three white doves go, it was beautiful. The doves fly off. Adam and my wife were there for me. I spoke to David his wife Michelle was laying on the ground she was so overcome by grief. What could I do? What could I say? The tears were running down my face. No one will ever forget their courage. They were stronger than me. 

This story should never be forgotten for courage above all her duty as a parent what she did that day was amazing she is a real hero of mine. May God always walk with her. She is a decent person, good, excellent woman and wife and mother. May Gods Angels always be with her. I can remember, the children she had with her first (husband) partner would fly back to the state they came from and see their Father. When the holidays were over, they would fly back to their Mother and David their Stepfather interstate. 

I still remember the day like it was yesterday about 13 or 14 years ago, I took my wife and Adam he drove my car that day. My wife and I adopt Adam. When I was there, I had a little bit of hostile attitude from my ex-boss. The ex-boss and his wife have three children. I have always blamed myself that David and Michelle moved interstate. At the time, 2003. I was taking my ex-boss to court; it became very messy. 

The sad thing about all this is that the ex-boss and his wife were Godparents to all my children. The other sad thing about all this was my Wife had grown up with my ex-boss’s wife they just lived around the corner from each other. I first met my ex-boss when he was 16 years’ old. I now get back to the main story. Again, on the day of the accident, at about 4.30pm on Wednesday the 22nd of January 2003 Michelle was driving south on the Stuart Highway. In the car were her three children, Jade, Rory and Nathaniel. 

She had just picked up Rory and Jade, who was returning home after visiting their father in Adelaide. Near the Edith River Bridge, her vehicle hit a metal plate on the roadway. The car slid out of control, due to a punctured left rear tyre from the metal plate. The car rolled, the roof striking rocks near the river. It continued toward the river, stopped briefly by a sapling on the riverbank. The current of the river washed the vehicle off the tree and began to carry it downstream. 

Michelle could not open her door due to the crash damage to the car. She knocked out the driver’s window and reached for her son. Rory, who was beside her. Michelle got out the driver’s side window and held the hands of Rory to get him out between the crushed roof and console. Without warning, the vehicle suddenly went vertical, nose down, and sunk under the water, taking all three children with it. Michelle attempted to dive for the vehicle but was unable to find it. 

The children were unable to be rescued and subsequently drowned. Their deaths, being the result of an accident, were reported to the Coroner. From the evidence, the Coroner found that there was nothing further that Michelle could have done to save the lives of her children. Her endeavours were desperate and extraordinary. Given the flow of the river, the damage to the vehicle and the depth of the water there was nothing a sole person could have done to get the children out. As I have already said. She took their little boy to pick up her two children from her previous relationship Interstate from Airport. 

On the way, back to their house, they had to go over a bridge generally no water in the river, but the rains had come early that year. Michelle was heading back towards their house when out of the blue she hit an object on the bridge the car then flipped over into the river on its back. Michelle somehow managed to get out. God only knows how she tried and tried. 

Michelle could of so easily of drowned her thoughts were only I repeat of her children. Only to somehow, grab at their seatbelts to no Aval try and rescue her three Children and pray to God that they would not drown. When they found Michelle, she could not move they took her to the hospital she was in shock. We now go forward in time I went to their house in 2015 for Christmas. I was there with another worker who came with me. I do not believe in any spirit world. I felt someone touch my right shoulder I think it was a boy. I suspect about fifteen to sixteen-years-old the hand was warm it scares the hell out of me. As soon as that happened, 

I had to get out of David, s house the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I left straight away with another guy from our company. Ten houses away are the cemetery. At first, I was a little scared to go in. I now go back again in time to the day about fourteen years ago, where they were laid to rest. Their white coffins were all placed on top of each other. I was like a scared little boy what do I do after just what happened? We go forward in time again. The scary thing about it all is they live only about ten houses from the cemetery now. I think it’s their way of finding peace. I slowly entered the cemetery with a fair bit of reservation I could feel the sweat flowing. Down my forehead, with every step I took. 

I could feel my heartbeat getting louder and louder. I started to shake a little as I approached their grave I knew straight away where they were buried. When finally, I approached their grave site, I saw their pictures on their tombstone I had tears rolling down my face. It was so chilling it started me thinking about the reception. I had just encountered, as I have never believed in ghosts. David and Michelle since the accident have had another two beautiful girls, they are about twelve  years  old  and ten – years – old. David and Michelle now hit the alcohol on the weekends. It is a coping mechanism. David and Michelle also see Doctors and psychiatrist who try and help them cope. In 2016 one of the girls said to David why do you love them more than us? David’s heart was shattered nearly broke in two. Again, the suicide rate is so high when a tragedy like this occurs. Where do you get the strength from? Now they live a few houses away when she has had a few drinks, and everyone has gone to sleep. 

Michelle goes to the gravesite and lays on top of the grave where they are buried when drunk. During the night when her partner wakes up, he goes looking for her and finds her at the cemetery. 

The girls in the last two years said to David. How come you love them more than us? David was in shock he said he felt his heart burst. 

I leave it for you to decide. I pray for them. The silence that is life without them. Their death has affected deeply many people who had come to know them over their lives, and even thousands who had not known them. Sleep sweet silent Angels go to sleep. Rest in Gods arms. AMEN.

I thought this story was finished but no David stabbed me in the back after I gave him a job and put him on $35 hour. With David it was never about friendship it was about stabbing my son and myself in the back as often as he could. I never realised what a loser David was.

Its so sad that you can keep on crying wolf.

Jade Loades, Rory Loades and Nathaniel Rose RIP XXX


“Tears are words the mouth can’t say nor can the soul bare” (by) Joshua Wisebaker

(There is a rainbow down every street, and then the sun comes out) (by) R.L. Sherriff 

This true story I have Dedicated to My Wife and my six Children and my ten Grandchildren, plus My Two Great Grandchildren

R.L. Sherriff