Dirkbell – children’s book a must for your child Please, will you be a financial backer?

Hello, My Name is Robert Sherriff I am an Author. Please, will you be a financial backer?          please buy I am retired now I do not have a lot of money now as I am on a pension                            please help me see details cheers, Rob.

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Dirkbell – children’s book a must for your child

Dirkbell the squirrel lives at the top of a huge oak tree near the sea, with his wife and their twin babies. Every day he scampers around the woods, collecting enough food for his family.

He is friendly with a nice family who owns the bakery at the foot of the tree but when Cooper, a brown terrier who lives nearby, scares off Tom the cat, then Dirkbell takes matters into his own hands.

Can Dirkbell persuade Cooper to mend his ways? Will Tom come back if he does? It’s up to Dirkbell to save the day and the peace and quiet of his neighbourhood by convincing the unruly pup to value friendship and to be considerate towards others.

I am looking for sponsors so I can write another three books. I am retired. Please see all my details below of books I have writing so far. I do not have a lot of money as I am on the pension. If you are interested, that would be great. I need about $9000-00 for anyone interested. I have writing two books so far that have been published. My third book is nearly finished. If you will sponsor me, I will put your name in the book as a sponsor and send you a link when published so you can buy a copy online. Please join me on this ride thank you. I am 64 years old. I have just started writing books in the last three years to four years. So, I can finish my book series Titled(Dirkbell) I have written and produced the first book in the series. My bookstall about doing the right thing and helping in your neighbourhood. Please buy.










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