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Hi, my name is Robert Sherriff, I have been writing books for the last four years, can you help? 
I don’t think I have sold not even a copy of my books. I am retired now and only have been writing for four years. My book Nobody’s Home and my other book Dirkbell. I am just finishing my next book titled Detective Crow New York, New York. I am just finishing editing. I want to know how I can get people to be more interested in my books. Can you please help me out with this problem, and I have done so much social media as well?  Sales of books go to teenage suicide prevention. Michael Terence Publishing has published my books. Can you help thank you?
Robert Sherriff POET – NOBODY’S HOME – Robert Sherriff Actor  – TV drama series Stateless

Cate Blanchett filming TV drama series Stateless in Adelaide who returns to South Australia 2019                                                                                                                                                          

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Movie – “ZOE – A ZOMBIE SHORT” 2017 South Australia                                                                           
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Hello, My Name is Robert Sherriff I am an Author. BOOK – Dirkbell BOOK – Nobody’s Home
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