Jade, Rory and Nathaniel Oh, no, please No. Not again. Has anybody here seen my friends? Jade, Rory and Nathaniel. Please tell me where they’re gone? By Robert Sherriff 2019 to be on line June 2020


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don’t trust your best friend

Has anybody here seen my friends? 

Jade, Rory and Nathaniel. Please tell me where they’re gone?


Robert Sherriff

Jade, Rory and Nathaniel

Jade, Rory and Nathaniel 
Oh, no, please No. Not again. Has anybody here seen my friends? 
Jade, Rory and Nathaniel. Please tell me where they’re gone?
Robert Sherriff 2017
Déjà vu it has happened again. I have had this all my life. I am truly cursed? or did someone put an evil spell on me? I have been to places where I then get a chill. Have I the number 666 on my head.

I then must get out of there as fast as I can. I knew when my Twin Brother Peter died ten minutes younger than me. There were six people in the car they were all killed. My Twin and I were very close. I nearly went for that ride. As did my little brother, it was a church retreat. This happened over forty years ago.  My twin was looking for the answer to life after the horrible childhood we had at the hands of a crazed out mental freak.

I knew when Mrs S died, I had known her since I was a little boy. I cry so much. When my father committed suicide, he took the gutless way out. 

When I was overseas, another friend of mine died his name was Peter. Did I know how? I was in shock. Was the Angel of death stalking me? Was my world meant to be a world of death? 

A song I heard over 50 years ago, in my head, then this song came out in the last twenty years. Bad habits. 

I had such a tragic life as a child a victim of sex abuse. A was a victim of Domestic violence followed by years of horrific abuse. I was a street kid. I only had a Grade three education. I then started my own company. We turn over about four million a year.
I was a two-pound baby. Three months premature. My Father broke my arm and four ribs when I was seven years old with a broomstick and his fist. As a child, I was a little seven-year-old boy who suffered such a traumatising miserable childhood. I at the age wanted to die. Again, as I said I would suffer such horrific injuries. Broken Bones. Beaten to an inch of my life. 1961 I was covered with the terrible bruises after the most savage beaten by my Father. 

I knew I Breathed the Devil’s Fire when I saw my Fathers Face. The hate in his eyes. 
Then I was to be tragically sexually abused. By adults. Employed by the State Government of South Australia. I saw the face of evil in the face of these pricks. The face of these monsters? Have they the look of the Satin? The face of evil and terror is left on the face and in the minds of every lost and frightened little child. Perhaps it will expunge the hate and tragedy I have seen in my life. You know they have hurt me all my life. 

Please don’t read this if you are one of those people who think they fucking know it all don’t even scrutinise me don’t even try to understand me as you don’t know me the man behind the man I am who I am God gave me life God gave me my faith God held my hand. Did you? So, put away your pessimism. Give me your mind, your time, your heart, and your ears. 

The thing I want the most from you is your voice, a voice that is high and loud. A voice. That will shout out to the World. And make a difference in this World. I found God when I was 7. Please read this story a story that will stand a story that will inspire, my story. Many stories. 

A story of hope and courage. The World is my stage. The world can be your stage if only you let it in. Never regret what you could have done (IF) only. Oh no please, No. Not again. What would I do? What could I say? Why, why? Never have I seen so much sorry. Why? am I so damned am I just bad luck? This story takes you back into the past and brings you back to the present day and then back to the past again. Never in my life have I ever see so much heartache and pain. The sorrow. I always get that feeling when something bad is going to happen.
I left home that morning about 6-30am on 23-1-2003. The sky was dark, cloud cover rain and hail the wind was blowing a Gale. Speed about 34 to 40 knots (39 to 46 miles per hour; 63 to 74 kilometres per hour); dangerous storms trees were swaying. Trees uprooted. Car accidents. A neighbour’s black cat two doors down ran across the road in front of my car. 
I knew this would be not like any other day. My thoughts my actions my six senses.