Dedicated to Jamal Khashoggi – Freedom of The Press ROBERT SHERRIFF AUTHOR – PLEASE BUY ON THE 27-11-2019 – I FOUND OUT I AM DYING I HAVE WRITTEN FIVE BOOKS FOUR OF THEM ARE ON LINE I HAVE ONLY SOLD TWO BOOKS. PLEASE BUY – PLEASE HELP ME HAVE A NUMBER ONE SELLER. MY OTHER BOOK “DETECTIVE CROW NEW YORK, NEW YORK ” OUT BY CHRISTMAS. I HAVE ASBESTOS LUNG CANCER. I AM MARRIED FOR 40 YRS TO CAROL WE HAVE 6 CHILDREN 12 GRANDCHILDREN AND TWO GREAT GRANDCHILDREN. OTHER BOOK OUT BY CHRISTMAS THANK YOU. THANKYOU. GOD BLESS ROBERT SHERRIFF Miracles of God My God So High My God How Great Thou Art. Written by Robert Sherriff God guided me in the writing of these words Robert Sherriff AMEN Written by Robert Sherriff God guided me in the writing of these words Robert Sherriff AMEN My written words are as spoken by myself cheers Robert Sherriff AMEN Oh, Gracious Father the Lord God How Mighty thou are how Great thou are my only true God. Please hear my words the words of a sinner the words of sorrow for I who has on many occasions shut you out at those times I have been meek, weak and a coward. I have now fallen on my own sword my knees. God, you have heard my prayers and all the times I have deserted you I know that you have been there. I know that your son Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross to take away the sins of the world my world my sins. Father you and your son saved me as a child you gave me that spark you held my hand to do the right thing, I know many a time, I have done the wrong thing and you have stood by me. I don’t want to give you a lot of information about myself. See if you can read my thoughts. My life, My faith, My wife, and my 6 children, 12 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren. ROBERT SHERRIFF AUTHOR POET ACTOR MODEL PHOTOGRAPHER HISTORIAN SINGER AMEN R Sherriff My God How Great Thou Art. Written by Robert Sherriff UK: France: Japan: And an example of your eBook: Australia: Web Page: Miracles of God My God So High My God How Great Thou Are My God How Great Thou Art. Written by Robert Sherriff ABOUT ROBERT SHERRIFF 2019 Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet – author – singer – Historian – Australian PLEASE BUY ONLINE AND REVIEW. Robert Sherriff was born in Melbourne, Australia 1954 The lucky country. One of twin boys at birth, they weighted just two pounds. Robert married Carol his second wife 1981. They have four children. All up, Robert has two boys from his first marriage. Robert has twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Robert worked in telecommunication for many years. He has only been writing for only four years. Robert believes in God, Faith and Morality Robert found Jesus and God at a very early He told me to tell you he has not been a saint Roberts believes in Freedom of the Press Roberts passions is also Environmental Impact The rights of those people from Hong Kong Robert watches the PGA USA Master’s each year. Robert’s First book – Biography: Nobody’s Home. Robert second book – Children’s book: Dirkbell. Robert third book – My God How Great Thou Art Robert fourth book – Crazy Bloody Yanks Robert fifth book – Detective Crow New York, New York is my third book with my next: Crazy Bloody Yanks coming soon. My next book: Detective Crow New York, New York is a children’s and adult’s book available by December 2019? Robert only wished he had started to write when he was a lot younger. Robert started writing poetry three years ago, which lead him to start writing books. Robert knows when he is gone, he will leave upon the earth a great legacy. Filmography • Wolf Creek – TV series, 2015 • Maurice’s Symphony – Short Movie 2015 • Snuff – Short Movie 2016 • CULT – A Short Movie 016 • Time of Zoe – A Short Movie 2016 • ZOE – A Zombie Short Movie 2017 * Model 2017 South Australian Health Department • Stateless – TV series, 2019 Cate Blanchett TV drama series set in Adelaide, 2019 Australia. PLEASE BUY ONLINE AND REVIEW. NOBODY’B HOME DIRKBELL Robert third book – My God How Great Thou Art CRAZY BLOODY YANKS DETECTIVE CROW: NEW YORK, NEW YORK CONTACT ROBERT SHERRIFF Post: 38 Browne CT., Craigmore, South Australia, Australia 5114 Web Page: Email: Twitter: I am now a voice for the people of the world who have no voice. My words are not a language barrier. My Poetry, poems, all my words and story and yes, I can now tell you my story. How I would describe my writing is my add candles and a little red wine, I narrate, then add a little music of my own. I see the world now from a different light and may there always be freedom of the press.