I had a visit my Doctor on the 27th November 2019. They informed me I was dying.

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I had a visit my Doctor on the 27th November 2019. T
hey informed me I was dying.

National redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Redress

They have never rejected my claim

Scheme1800737377  Canberra–Steven–Case manager


My name is Robert Sherriff 38 Browne Ct Craigmore

South Australia 5114

Hello ACA (Chanel Nine)

I had a visit my Doctor on the 27th November 2019. They informed me I was

Please read the whole email. My name is Robert Sherriff – I was a ward of
the State of South Australia.  I am retired now


I had my the company a contract where we worked on the NBN. I have nearly
finished my fifth book. I sick of fighting the fight where I fill it is
killing me because of the bullshit coming from the redress scheme.

Where I must put up with idiots who have no balls and cannot do anything
without getting their ass kicked. I am 65. I live in South Australia; I am
married, 6 children. 12 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

In 1961 my father’s attack on me was so violent that the Judge called him a
vicious animal was as they had to admitted me into the hospital in a
serious condition.

My Father broke my arm and four ribs with his fist and a broomstick.

On my is mother’s side going back three to four generations my great,
great, great? Grandmother was half cast aboriginal. I not sure if I then
was to become part of the stolen generation or not. My mother told me about
this when I was a child and she never brought it up again. On my mother’s
side, there were no marriages up until my mother got married in 1953 As
they were all to be born bastards. But this means nothing these days a
thing from the early days of the world. In Australia back then we were the
lucky country.

My parents moved to Laverton, Victoria was my twin, and I were born on the
8tjh July 1954 two-pound babies. Where I would sing to the tunes of Mario
Lanza always playing on my great grandmothers’ gramophone.

My parents moved to South Australia when I was about 4 years old. My twin
would die in a car accident in 1980 six people were in the car they all

Now, once the attack had taken place, I was made a Ward of The State of
South Australia. The age was from a seven-years-old until I was eighteen –
years – old.

At that, I was placed in Glandore boys’ home, then into Winda boys’ home,
then into a day-care Psychiatric hospital. By this time, they damaged my

These employees owed me a duty of care a place where I would be safe and
protected without fear of those monsters.

At this PTSD kicks in. If you think about it this is what has happened for
nearly sixty years of my life now and then I would drink a Carlton of beer
a day like I was living for today, not tomorrow. I have had to live with
the terror, horror and the fear of fear that’s fear itself which resulted
in cold sweats.

I have stopped drinking for over three years now. Writing books. Now
getting back to the main story.

All these employees were concerned about was fucking all us little
seven-year- OLD boys instead. And if you did anything, they would beat the
shit out of you.

You would then start cutting yourself and trying different things to try to
hurt them and yourself or have thoughts of suicide day in day out a month
to month then year to year and?

The State Government has so much blood on its hands.

As will the Federal Government before long has blood on its “their” hands
for treating victims of sex abuse “THIS” straight-out cruel way like
fucking animals.

Federal Government employees must be on bonus pay.

They are killing me with my PTSD you have no idea as I said