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Robert Sherriff Author of Dirkbell

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Robert Sherriff Author of Dirkbell – BUY ONLINE

Dirkbell the squirrel lives at the top of a huge oak tree near the sea. With his family. Every day he scampers around the woods, collecting enough food for his family.

He is friendly with the nice family who owns the bakery at foot of big tree but when Cooper, a brown terrier who lives nearby, scares off Tom cat, then it’s up to Dirkbell who decides to take matters into his own hands.

Can he persuade Cooper to mend his ways? Will Tom come back if he does? It’s up to Dirkbell to try to save the day and the peace and quiet of his neighbourhood by convincing the unruly pup to value friendship and to be considerate towards others.


Robert Sherriff

Robert Sherriff Author–see my books you can buy online




Robert Sherriff Author of Dirkbell

By Terry

I brought this book for my four-year-old Jason; he reads it every day, nicely done. Terry

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Robert Sherriff Author of Dirkbell

By Steve

What a wonderful, beautiful story. Were Dreams do come true even if you are 102. All of my grandchildren will remember Father Christmas the Easter Bunny and Dirkbell. Yes this book speaks of kindness and helping those who need a hand in your neighbourhood. Well written this book could be one of those special books a Classical Edition. Plus, Author has said it is an ongoing series well done. Steve Day. 


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Robert Sherriff Author of Dirkbell.

What a wonderful story. My two girls love book.

Children’s book. A must. Put it on your list. Artwork is great. PETER MATHEWS.

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Robert Sherriff Author of – NOBODY’S HOME 2020

Robert Sherriff Author of – NOBODY’S HOME 2020


EARLY LIFE–Subject to sexual abuse as a 7 year.

Belonging to an Australian Aboriginal group, on my mother’s side seven generations back were a baby would be born my great-great-grandmother was half cast there were no marriages allowed a little like African Americans were white can’t marry colour people. I’m just glad we might be seeing it all be changed for better now.

Robert Sherriff Author of – NOBODY’S HOME 2020

As a 7-year-old my father broke my arm and four ribs. My sister’s son is my brother.

I am dying of asbestos please buy my books. Please buy my books.

Robert’s early life was very difficult. He was a child from Stolen Generations who got separated from his parents. State sent him to foster care, where he went through sexual abuse and mental trauma. Robert lived through one of the darkest times of Australian history, where native Australian people were called half-castes and treated like cattle.

On the state’s order, Aboriginal children were separated from their families and selected to work for and adjust in the white society. However, being a believer, Robert refused to quit and endured all that resistance, which he kept on facing while growing up.

He also wrote a book series “Dirkbell” for children and has written poems praising the nature, life, attribute of love that have been gifted to us by God and all other bounties.

Hard book to put down

By Robert Westwood

From Adelaide AustraliaVerified Buyer

What an amazing story of survival and horror that could be done to an innocent kid by people and officials paid to look after children.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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So sad a good read Cathy Cooney Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) – 1975 8 pm EST, 5 pm PAC -Special guest Robert Sherriff Cathy Cooney Tonight’s special guest is Robert Sherriff from Adelaide, South Australia, an actor/model/singer, motivational speaker, writer of youth fiction and poetry, and author of the recently published autobiography ‘Nobody’s Home.’ Robert’s father was a severely violent alcoholic in the RAAF and his mother was often raped and beaten by his father right in front of him. Robert and his twin brother were miracle births each weighing only 2 lbs, but he often thought it may have been better if they were aborted. His life changed course forever the day his father broke his arm and four ribs with a broomstick, resulting in Robert becoming a ward of the Australian government. They began years of systemic and brutal physical and sexual abuse beginning at only 7 years old in multiple boy’s homes and hospitals by multiple persons which he says left him feeling shattered, afraid, grieving, and sometimes wishing he would die. He remembers everything in graphic details how he ended up feeling self-hatred leading to self-mutilation and self-punishment. It took until 2008 for him to truly begin healing after finding good medical supports and with his faith in God. Now at 66 years old, his book reveals the horror of children in government care in the ’60s and ’70s, “one of the darkest periods in Australia’s history where children were currency in the hands of evil men who could operate with immunity.” He shares his long journey from victim to survivor, eventually forgiving his father, and wants to give voice to the horrors suffered in secret and see justice for every one of these Wards of State, many of whom committed suicide. Cathy Cooney

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By Anonymous NOBODY’S HOME

Good on you Robert for writing the book and telling your story. I grew up with loving parents and can’t imagine what you went through as a child. It’s so unbelievable that there are people out there who can abuse children or even animals, they have a blocked heart chakra and don’t feel love. Lots of love to you and I hope you sell lots of copies. Chlorine Jackson. Like · Reply · 2m

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This was an amazing, well-executed read, although a little slow at times for me, I truly enjoyed it. It keeps you on your toes. I could not put it down. So much pain that boy suffered from his father. And this abuse I wonder if he is paranoid schizophrenia? But I see he was able to get some sort of life once his father committed suicide. A must-read. This was an extraordinarily moving, and heartfelt read.

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By Anonymous NOBODY’S HOME

This book grips you from first page, written with raw emotion and honesty. We read about the author’s traumatic upbringing and how he did not let his past childhood experiences to destroy his life. It takes courage to write such a book and open yourself to the world. A true inspiration to anyone who reads this book. – My God, How Great Thou Art.

Robert Sherriff–My God, How Great Thou Art. 2020  

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My God, How Great Thou Art. 2020

Oh, Gracious Father the Lord God, how mighty thou Art, how great thou are my only true God. Please, hear my words, words of a sinner, and the words of sorrow. For I who has, on many occasions, shut you out. At those times I have been meek, weak, and a coward. I now fall on my own sword, my knees. God, you have heard my prayers, and all times I have deserted you I know that you have been there. I know that your son Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross to take away the sins of world – my world, my sins. Father you and your Son saved me as a child, you gave me that spark; you held my hand to do the right thing; I know many times I have done the wrong thing, and you have stood by me.


When words are hard to find when speaking to God the words from this book are like a river.


Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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 Has been entered his books into Prime Minister book awards 2020

My God, How Great Thou Art. 2019 – BUY ONLINE

Robert Sherriff – My God, How Great Thou Art.

Who is this guy who wrote these words? Amazing world’s amazing grace. What he puts down on paper he makes me cry. Who is he?  A priest I felt his pain his hurt. That’s why he turned to God well done “Amazing”

He must truly be blessed with God by his side. 

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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The most dangerous man on this planet.

Robert Sherriff Author of Inner Sanctum of My Imagination  

Inner Sanctums of My Imagination – Crazy Bloody Yanks–The Journey Begins.

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I have entered book into the Prime Minister book awards 2020

The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination – Crazy Bloody Yanks–Journey Begins. 2019

I welcome you to the inner sanctums of my imagination where my emotions that were so lost once have now been found.

I was a lost soul as a child. I thought black was black. My heart had no love, only hate, and fear of myself. It was a place that once had been so dark not even the “Devil” could get out, where I would be the gatekeeper from hell, where the “Devil” kept on calling me to come on, come on in, son. I can breathe now, where the air flows so clearly through my lungs.

I am now a voice for the people of the world who have no voice. My words are not a language barrier. My poetry, poems, all my words, and story, and yes, I can now tell you my story. How I would describe my writing is that I add candles and a little red wine, I narrate then add a little music of my own. I see the world now from a different light and may there always be freedom of the press.

By Robert Sherriff


Robert Sheriff AUTHOR OF Detective Crow New York, New York

JOURNEY BEGINS once upon a time….

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This book will be online about October 2020 “YOU WILL BE ABLE TO BUY ONLINE”

Detective Crow—New York, New York is a new novel by Robert Sheriff.

Part Noir Thriller, part Fantasy, and part Alternative History of the world

Detective Crow includes a host of memorable and captivating characters.

Story takes place on mean streets of New York and a future where humanity lives in underground bunkers and humanoid robots walk on earth.

We shift dynamically between science fiction, historical fact, and Detective Crow’s battle with her nemesis Captain Neira and the femme fatale thief Princess Blackie.

In a world populated by rabbits, rats, monkeys, aliens, robots, keystone cop style policing, and the major world events of the 20th and 21st Century this book has more laughs and ideas on each page than average novel.

Both young and old will enjoy it.

R. L. Sherriff

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Subways are dirty and grungy….

Look New York is not for everyone. It is a dirty and filthy place; you can smell the stench of the subways rising throughout the streets of the city, wafting up through the vents (grates) on the sidewalks.

But she is my kind of town no one ever said that she would smell pretty, be pretty. I didn’t, did you? I just love New York; everything is so tall. Black and white and grey skies….

Detective Crow.