Robert Sherriff I am dying of “ASBESTOS” please buy my books thank you.Robert Sherriff please see my Biography. I am an Actor – Poet – Model – Author – Singer songwriter Historian. I am dying of asbestos.

Robert Sherriff I am dying of “ASBESTOS” please buy my books thank you.                                                Robert Sherriff please see my Biography. I am an Actor – Poet – Model – Author – Singer / songwriter Historian.  –  I am dying of asbestos.


Please see all my work on this page. I have included some poetry also.

Hello my name is Robert Sherriff I am dying of asbestos please buy my books so I can pay my funeral costs. I have only been writing for four years now. I have c/o authored two poetry books. I have written four other books. I am looking for a publisher to release my books worldwide at your costs. I will not self-publish these two books. I have self-published all my other books up to this present time. I will want an advance. I want a contract for these two books. We can sit down for dates timelines schedule. I will add attachments to this email. Please don’t contact me if you want me to self-publish. At present I have nearly finished one of the books and I have a good story-line for the other. I am sixty-six-years old I am married to Carol six children twelve grandchildren two great grandchildren. I am a part-time actor as well. At present I am in the recording studio recording some new songs I have written. I was a special guess on a radio show in the States. I hope we can do some business.

Cheers Robert Sherriff.

Robert Sherriff Co/ Author two books of poetry

Poet printed in the USA “Mr Sherriff Co/Author”

Rewrite Sunlight – a poetry anthology –   printed 19/10/2017 – ISBN 9781978017214

Seasonal Perspective – a poetry anthology –   printed 29/01/2018 – ISBN 9781984014016

Robert Sherriff – Australian—Actor-Poet – Model – Author-Singer- Historian

I have entered all my books for the last two years into the PM awards of Australia.

Prime Minister’s Literary Awards Entry 2020 — PMLA002840 — My God How Great Thou Art

Prime Minister’s Literary Awards Entry 2020

Submitted on 26 March 2020

Prime Minister’s Literary Awards Entry 2020 — PMLA002841 — The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination – Crazy Bloody Yanks

Prime Minister’s Literary Awards Entry 2020

Submitted on 27 March 2020

Robert Sherriff— NOBODY’S HOME – True story – Sex abuse and domestic abuse. Biography

Robert Sherriff was part of the stolen generation a child in 1961. Ward of the State of South Australia 1961.

Part Indigenous on my mother’s side. As a child, he suffered from domestic abuse and sexual abuse.

Roberts fathers’ side of the family can be traced back to Scotland.

Amazing Grace

Stories are really powerful. When shared, they have the ability to heal, strengthen, and inspire.

They base the stories that people share on what people have gathered from life experiences, and the most powerful forms of stories are stories of resilience. The word resilience itself is a demonstration of the ability of a person who bends in situations but does not break.

Robert has one thing to say there is no such word as can’t, Set your self-goals. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. And don’t use the word (IF) in five years ten years’ time don’t say to me (IF) only I had done that or this? Your choices then you have to grasp it both hands.

Life is a journey of endless struggles, and there are lots of life experiences that push people to the breaking point. But how people react to those situations is what the word resilience stands for. When talking about resilience, such stories not only inspire other people with the same situations to not give up, it also helps people in raising their voices and coming forward to seek justice?

People who are victims of wrongful acts such as harassment, physical, and sexual abuse are pushed to a level of extremity where getting out of the situation seems close to impossible. It is not uncommon for victims to get tangled in self-blame, self-harm, and ultimately, suicide. When they see no way out of their miseries, they surrender to substance abuse, take drugs, and take other medication. However, when victims see people sharing stories of their struggles, their hope is naturally increased

Robert Sherriff is one of many people in the world who are living examples of resilience, including Oprah Winfrey, Robert Lloyd Sherriff 2nd, and many more. Robert says he was not a victim. What happened to him as a child was not his fault. Robert suffered sexual abuse and domestic abuse as a child. He only ever went to grade three. Then he self-educated.

Robert Sherriff – Author of Dirkbell

Dirkbell the squirrel lives at the top of a gigantic oak tree near the sea, with his wife and their twin babies. Every day he scampers around the woods, collecting enough food for his family.

He is friendly with the nice family who owns the bakery at the foot of the tree but when Cooper, a brown terrier who lives nearby, scares off Tom the cat, then Dirkbell takes matters into his own hands.

Can he persuade Cooper to mend his ways? Will Tom come back if he does? It’s up to Dirkbell to try to save the day and the peace and quiet of his neighbourhood by convincing the unruly pup to value friendship and to be considerate towards others.

Robert Sherriff Author of Dirkbell


Robert Sherriff—The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination—Crazy Bloody Yanks—The Journey Begins.

I welcome you to the inner sanctums of my imagination where my emotions that were so lost once have now been found.

I was a lost soul as a child. I thought black was black. My heart had no love, only hate, and fear of myself. It was a place that once had been so dark not even the “Devil” could get out, where I would be the gatekeeper from hell, where the “Devil” kept on calling me to come on, come on in, son. I can breathe now, where the air flows so clearly through my lungs.

I am now a voice for the people of the world who have no voice. My words are not a language barrier. My poetry, poems, all my words, and story, and yes, I can now tell you my story. How I would describe my writing is that I add candles and a little red wine, I narrate then add a little music of my own. I see the world now from a different light and may there always be freedom of the press.

By Robert Sherriff

Robert Sherriff—My God, How Great Thou Art

My God, How Great Thou Art. 2020

My God, How Great Thou Art. 2020


Roberts have entered his books into the Prime Minister book awards 2020

My God, How Great Thou Art. 2019—BUY ONLINE

Oh, Gracious Father the Lord God, how mighty thou Art, how great thou are my only true God. Please, hear my words, the words of a sinner, and the words of sorrow. For I who has, on many occasions, shut you out. At those times I have been meek, weak, and a coward. I now fall on my own sword, my knees. God, you have heard my prayers, and all the times I have deserted you I know that you have been there. I know that your son Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross to take away the sins of the world—my world, my sins. Father you and your Son saved me as a child, you gave me that spark; you held my hand to do the right thing; I so many times I have done the wrong thing by you, and you have stood by me.

Robert Sherriff Author

I have entered all my books for the last two years into the PM awards.

Australian Copyright Act of 1968

0466246021  U-TUBE



Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet—author – singer—Historian – Australian

Part in Wolf Creek TV series 2015

Part in Movie ‘Maurice’s Symphony’ 2015

Motivation Speaker

Movie – Snuff 2016

Movie – CULT 2016

Movie – Time of Zoe 2016

Movie – “ZOE—A ZOMBIE SHORT” 2017 South Australia Singer old songs

Model in my teens Myers

Still (Model) Photo Shoot SA Health

Still (Model) Nude Drawing Adelaide Uni—Taff

Cate Blanchett Production – Stateless (TV Series 2020)

executive producer—South Australia

Robert Sherriff—EXTRA

Poet printed in the USA

Religious Poet printed in the USA

Detective Crow New York, New York

THE JOURNEY BEGINS once upon a time

Part Noir Thriller, part Fantasy, part Alternative History of the world Detective Crow includes a host of memorable and captivating characters.

The story takes place on the mean streets of New York and a future where humanity lives in underground bunkers and humanoid robots walk the earth.

We shift dynamically between science fiction, historical fact and Detective Crow’s battle with her nemesis Captain Neira and the femme fatale thief Princess Blackie.

In a world populated by rabbits, rats, monkeys, aliens, robots, keystone cop style policing and the major world events of the 20th and 21st Century this book has more laughs and ideas on each page than the average novel.

It will be enjoyed by both young and old.

R. L. Sherriff

Detective Crow—New York, New York by Robert Sherriff

                                       “The city that never sleeps”

The subways are dirty and grungy….

Look New York is not for everyone. It is a dirty and filthy place; you can smell the stench of the subways rising throughout the streets of the city, wafting up through the vents (grates) on the sidewalks.

But she is my kind of town no one ever said that she would smell pretty, be pretty. I didn’t, did you? I just love New York, New York everything is so tall. Black and white and grey skies Detective Crow. “It is the nature of the beast”.                                 

New York says thank you to the brave men and woman who police our streets.

Detective Crow resides in a small town called Elizabeth, just outside of New York, where the butterflies dance and the canaries sing to the wondrous tones of Chopin.

                                Public Announcement “Notice” By the Author

This is a public announcement that during the writing of this book no animals were maimed or killed for the purpose of writing this book.

                                                 Chapter one                                                         

                                              Butterflies Dance

Detective Crow resides in a small town called Elizabeth, just outside of New York, where the butterflies dance and the canaries sing to the wondrous tones of Chopin, where the winds flow so gently in the early springs of November.

It was the early days of the 21st century. Here the goldfish swim in the crystal, clear water and then there are the creatures of the night. They are transformed into the monstrous shapes of frogs. Blue, Green, Red, and Black.

I shiver and shudder as they come from the “World” down under New York. Even the Dark Shadows follow you at night.

The solar sewage knocks you out. This is no ordinal classic horror story.

They skin you and eat you alive with one bite where your blood drips on the pavement all night. Or you will die from your gaping wounds.

So please don’t stop. Don’t walk alone on the streets of New York tonight between 11 pm and 1 am; A small timeframe. They are crude, rude, not nice, unjust they just don’t care.

They will tear you in two, just looking at you. Mean and unclean, afraid of no one accept Detective Crow and her fluffy white duster.  

They hate those words fluffy white duster, mm. They come from a planet far out in the galaxies called ‘Way-out–Yonder.’…  

HEY, WOW, STOP, OK? (Let’s stretch this out a bit more?) OK? “STOP”…You ask why?                                                  

Robert Sherriff new book

Katherine NYMPH by Robert Sheriff

Australian NYMPH? by Robert Sheriff

Robert Sherriff – Australian—Actor-Poet – Model – Author-Singer- Historian

Katherine NYMPH by Robert Sheriff

Australian NYMPH? by Robert Sheriff.

This story starts in 1945 at the end of the Second World War when William “Bill” Shillinglaw he was twenty-eight years old. Bill was six-foot-two medium size he had a very masculine shaped body his brown hair always flicking out of his eyes with hazel eyes. Bill had one of those moustaches you twirl; on either side, it was long. Bill was very tired a little weary six years of war had taken its toll on Bill. He had a lot of grey hair. Bill arrived back home about the 5th of November 1945 by boat with thousands of other servicemen looking to get back to the life they had before the War.

World War II was known as the Second World War, it was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945 World War II was the deadliest conflict in human history, marked by 70 to 85 million fatalities. Only the First World War came close with over 45 million life’s lost.

Bill was a commanding officer in the army with tens of thousands of men who served their country well while fighting in North Africa. The Australian Army first saw action in Operation Compass, the 6th Division relieved the 4th Indian Division

The 6th Division went into action at Bardia, Libya, on the 3rd January 1941. Although a larger Italian force manned the fortress, with the support of British tanks and artillery the Australian infantry quickly penetrated the defensive lines. The majority of the Italian force surrendered on 5 January, and the Australians took 40,000 prisoners. The 6th Division followed up this success by assaulting the fortress of Tobruk on 21st January. They secured Tobruk the next day, with 25,000 Italian prisoners taken. The 6th Division subsequently pushed west along the coast road to Cyrenaica and captured Benghazi on 4 February. The 6th Division withdrew for deployment to Greece later in February and was replaced by the untested 9th Division, which took up garrison duties in Cyrenaica.

Commanding Officer William “Bill” Shillinglaw was awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) twice for killing thirty Germans and protecting his men while wounded. The second (VC) was for carrying wounded Australian solders of the battlefield.

Commanding Officer William “Bill” Shillinglaw was also awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) and Distinguished Service Order (DSO), Military Cross (MC) and Military Medal (MM) for services during the Second World War…

Bill because of his injuries during the Second World war would need a cane to support his injuries he suffered it was touch and go if he would lose his leg at one point.

Bill met Sally while in the army she was a nurse who helped get him back to health when he was wounded the first time. Sally had said yes to Bills marriage proposal, and they were going to get married on the 7th of November 1945 in a little church in Sydney.

Sally was about 23years old five-foot-five blonde hair and blue eyes and a laugh that would make anyone laugh. Bill felt great when he was with Sally.

He knew he could talk to her about the Second World War the horror, terror he has seen in the last six years.

Bill told Sally everything would be in black and white she replies that’s fine with me as long as I have you around me.

Bill and Sally got married and went on their honeymoon for two weeks at the Bondi Beach which had been a godsend for Bill finally knew he would be able to rest his weary bones he said. Were they skinny dipped at night drank a few glasses of red wine and listen to the jukebox in their hotel room? Then make love all night long sometimes three to four times. After the honeymoon they headed for Katherine in the Northern Territory. The station was named by Bills great, great; great, Grandmother Carol Dawn who named the station “Ship Creek”. Over two miles away from a little town called Woop, Woop.  Way out “beyond the black stump”. 


Lyrics written and Sung by Robert Sherriff

Music Written by “Crafty”

Virgin EMI Records


COVID-19 has got me crying

I got so many friends out there just dying

I don’t know what to say?   (1 – 2 – 3 – 4) I don’t know what to do?    (1 – 2) 

they wouldn’t Self isolate for fourteen days or wear a mask

They knew it all they couldn’t be told

now it’s just got so sad (1 – 2) it’s too late

And now they have all paid (1 – 2) the ultimate price


They will never control COVID-19 (COVID-19)

it’ll keep on coming back

It won’t ever stop

they will never control COVID-19

Just when you think it’s gone

It just keeps coming back….. ck ck ck

Verse 2:

They will never find an antidote

As all of the history will show us

A million lives gone – – – – – – in this year alone

At the nursing homes the old folks are all just dying….

Kev John Ian and Pete

when you left everyone was crying

while they were killing themselves,…. they were killing their dreams….


They will never control COVID-19 

it’ll keep on coming back

It won’t ever stop

they will never control COVID-19 (COVID-19)

Just when you think it’s gone…

it’ll keep on coming back

Just when you think it’s gone…

they will never control…….ol ol ol 

COVID-19 has got me crying

Australian Government

Copyright Act of 1968

other cheek

One Billion and one

Could you be in that billion

Or are you that one who runs?

Are you a voice for those in trouble?

Are you the person who turns the other cheek?

Do you stop and try to help if someone is in trouble?

Do you stand by if a guy who is drunk and he is bashing his wife and children?

You answer? then you can answer to God.

Are you a follower or a leader?


Grasshopper got my fly

For that no apple pie

Froggie was so up set

He is going to double Grasshoppers rent

Froggie to the Grasshopper no caviar no birthday cake 


Sometimes she embraces me with so much hatred in her heart.
Sometimes she looks at me with the devil in her eyes.

Other times she can be as gentle as a lamb.
Sometimes I don’t know if I can trust her?

she is so evil. I’m damned if I do?

I damned if I don’t?

Yesterday her doctor asked me

Why do you still hang around?

Doctor said is it love or hate?

I replied its fear of fear itself.

Our children was his reply.

Doctor asks are the children

Showing any signs?

Of mental illness?

Mental state?                                                                                                        

Like their mother?

Doctor said it’s in her brain, so dark she will never escape. 

Doctor said you know she might kill you one of these days?

I said if it be so then that’s my fate? I have tried and tried to help her.

eating disorders                                                                                                                     

anxiety disorders                                                                                                            

personality disorders                                                                                                       

substance abuse disorders

depression or bipolar disorder                                                                                                                                                                                                 psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia                                                                       

trauma-related disorders – such as post-traumatic stress disorder

Yes, doctor but I loved her before her mental illness her “mental state”                                      

I will never give up. My wife’s life matters. 

African Americans

Why is African American so inferior to white people in America? Is it because The United States President Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862, issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which declared that as of January 1, 1863, all African Americans shall be free? All is it because African Americans won’t have equally equality until two hundred and fifty years after Mr Lincoln death? Is it because a white cop shot dead his twelve-year-old son? Who was outside playing and went to take some money out of his pocket to buy some lollies at the shop?

Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet—author – singer—Historian – Australian                              


Why can’t you trust Americans? everything they see they shot?
Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet—author – singer—Historian – Australian 


Why can’t you trust America they gave us aids, they gave us (COVID-19) they gave us Trump
Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet—author – singer—Historian – Australian 


NASA said they found water on a planet in our solar system and there might have been life. Let’s be real again why would we be allowed to planet jump. We kill as does everything else on this planet. 
Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet—author – singer—Historian – Australian 

Jesus to All America
“My Father or I” we did not pull the trigger” 
Shooting deaths in America in 2017
Nearly 40, 000 People Died from Guns 
Then there were 39, 773-gun deaths in 2018
and in the U.S. 2019 Last Year, Highest death toll in over 50 Years
The last recorded survey. Now there are almost as many guns (300 million) in the US as people (population: 323 million) 2019. This is twice as many guns per capita as 50 years ago. “now America is the abortion capital of the WORLD.” Give these children a fair go América. To the rest of the WORLD America, you are a disgrace. God of the Christian faith Morality. So sad América have lost their way too much hate and false news.72, 287 people died in the United States from overdoses in 2017. 72, 000 people died in the United States from overdoses in 2018
Synthetic Opioids. Illegal drugs in America affects fifteen million people a year. Ice has been killing six million in the states ‘USA’ each year and around world kills over 30 million poor souls each year. What’s next? Throw out The UK’s “British” ambassador to the United States. In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Ghost.
The HELP?   Holy Ghost.
R. L. Sherriff 2016
MAY GOD BLESS YOU  crow 12–7–2020  God 12- 7–2020. Dirkbell12- 7–2020 Nobody’s Home 12-7-2020 The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination 12-7-2020