Robert Sherriff I am dying of asbestos please buy my books

Robert Sherriff I am dying of asbestos please buy my books

Robert Sherriff Author of – NOBODY’S HOME

Robert Sherriff – AUTHOR – 0466246021 –

Week of the 17th September 2020 I have just recorded song written and sung by myself “COVID” 19.

Robert Sherriff was part of the stolen generation a child in 1961. Ward of the State of South Australia 1961.

Indigenous on my mother’s side. As a child, he suffered from domestic abuse and sexual abuse.

Amazing Grace with the help of God and Jesus save this child when he was a seven-year-old boy.

Stories are really powerful. When shared, they have the ability to heal, strengthen, and inspire.

They base the stories that people share on what people have gathered from life experiences, and the most powerful forms of stories are stories of resilience. The word resilience itself is a demonstration of the ability of a person who bends in situations but does not break.

Robert has one thing to say there is no such word as can’t, Set your self-goals. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. And don’t use the word (IF) in five years ten years’ time don’t say to me (IF) only I had done that or this? Your choices then you have to grasp it both hands.

Life is a journey of endless struggles, and there are lots of life experiences that push people to the breaking point. But how people react to those situations is what the word resilience stands for. When talking about resilience, such stories not only inspire other people with the same situations to not give up, it also helps people in raising their voices and coming forward to seek justice?

People who are victims of wrongful acts such as harassment, physical, and sexual abuse are pushed to a level of extremity where getting out of the situation seems close to impossible. It is not uncommon for victims to get tangled in self-blame, self-harm, and ultimately, suicide. When they see no way out of their miseries, they surrender to substance abuse, take drugs, and take other medication. However, when victims see people sharing stories of their struggles, their hope is naturally increased

Robert Sherriff is one of many people in the world who are living examples of resilience, including Oprah Winfrey, Robert Lloyd Sherriff 2nd, and many more. Robert says he was not a victim. What happened to him as a child was not his fault. Robert suffered sexual abuse and domestic abuse as a child. He only ever went to grade three. Then he self-educated. 


Born on the 8th of July in 1954 at 10-25pm, Robert Lloyd Sherriff 2nd opened his eyes in Victoria, Australia. The hail was hitting the tenth-floor window with such force that the hospital staff thought the windows would break right open. Then at that point, things would only get worse for Robert since the beginning. He was born prematurely and weighed only two pounds. Robert was born with a twin brother Peter Born 10-35pm, who was killed in a car accident in 1980 six people were in the car they all died. He came from a very unstable family. He prayed to belong to a family who would love him. At seven he tried to commit suicide. That was the first of many attempts. Then came the mutilation where he would get hold of razor blades and cut himself.

Roberts father was employed at the Royal Australian Air Force (defence force RAFF), Robert’s father, Robert Lloyd Sherriff 1st, was born in Adelaide South Australia. His father’s mother Ann Richards was a prostitute; He was 24 years old when the boys were born.

Robert Lloyd Sherriff 1st met his wife in 1953 Mary Janet Jackson she was nineteen when we were born. They were married in December 1953. They would go on to have six children Johnnie died from cot death in 1956 they buried him in an unmarked grave Melbourne Victoria Australia. Roberts great-great-grandparents were from Scotland. Robert’s 2nd father Robert 1st was not very well educated. Robert 1st His mother, Ann Richards, was a prostitute by profession.

Robert Lloyd Sherriff 1st was an alcoholic and beat Robert and his brother regularly and raped both sisters my nephew is my brother he might have been angry because his mother was a prostitute and of all the 100, s of men he would crave for a father.

I saw a photo of my father as a boy and I think the only thing he ever loved was his dog. I know one thing he could never beat her at an argument or out drink her under the table she was fucking tuff.

Then at age seven, Robert 2nd he was beaten so severely that he got his four ribs and his arm broken. They admitted Robert 2nd to the hospital in a serious condition. In 1961, the judge called Robert’s father a vicious animal.

They then took Robert away from his abusive father after the incident and was made a ward of the State of South Australia. The judge on the day also fined my father to make sure it hurt his hip pocket.

To me in a way my father reminded me of someone who craved love. Someone with no morals or thought behaviour was something you ate. The next two pages is my father Robert 1st to a tee.

If you have no morals, you don’t have any concept of right and wrong behaviour. If you believe your behaviour is right, and society believes your behaviour is wrong, you have a difference in moral belief (s). … Morals are your personal beliefs about what is right and wrong.

a natural feeling that makes people know what is right and wrong and how they should behave: Some people believe that the increase in crime shows that society is losing its moral compass.

A study on human behaviour has revealed that 90% of the population can be classified into four basic personality types: Optimistic, Pessimistic, Trusting, and Envious. However, the latter of the four types, Envious, is the most common, with 30% compared to 20% for each of the other groups.

My father, Robert 1st also lacked any Christian beliefs and might have though Christian to be fools. So, therefore, he had no one to answer to just himself and he could please himself regarding his actions. Like they will not tell me what to do.

What is killing this world at present is political correctness? I think if a child plays up a smack on the backside will not kill that child.

Robert Sherriff—My God, How Great Thou Art –

Robert Sherriff— NOBODY’S HOME  Nobody’s Home 12-7-2020

I also believe that children should play outside one hour of TV after school and man to top it off so many parents are giving their children phones at 11 or 12 or 13 years-old then games, play station and all those over stupid games. Watch what you give your kids.

Tell them to go for a bike ride, a walk, a run, a hop. It’s you as parents who owe your children “A Duty of Care”. OK put your hands up remember they are children they are not your “Best Friend”.

My Father Robert 1st told me on many an occasion he was more frighted of me and what I would do to him once I was an adult.

Robert became a ward of the government and was taken to Glandore Boys’ Home in Adelaide.

Even though Robert was surviving in his personal hell, physical abuse, within his house, things got worse at the institution. there, he fell prey to sexual abuse. The state employees used boys, including Robert, for their sexual pleasure. The worse thing these boys would fear was fear itself.

They were held captive behind locked doors and were molested multiple times and even murdered. Robert described the acts of employees of the state as “… as the people behind the operation working for the government, employees of the government sexually abused children at night-time behind closed doors.”

Even though every single person was a victim of sexual abuse at the institution, none of the boys stood up. The only way to boys could seek revenge was to burn these officers’ cars at night about twenty cars. It was not a pretty sight such a mess on the roads. Those officers then gave us payback.

Other state employees questioned Robert’s attitude and to “cure” him; they would use shock treatment on him. The excessive physical, sexual, and emotional abuse pushed him into a clandestine place where he started to self-harm. Eventually, he became a patient of depression, something that disturbs him today as well.

When Robert received medical treatment, he got out of the institution and could finally begin his healing journey. He became a street kid. Robert had his twin brother Peter and Sister Josie and Brother James and another sister Annie to look after.


Even though Robert had a rally troubled past, he did not give up. Once he left the institution, he took up drawing. Robert was already a passionate artist and started pursuing art from his teens. He did a photoshoot of a still nude model and eventually drew the portrait. Then Robert would also become a nude model.

Robert married Carol in 1981; Robert is father to six children, two from first marriage Mark born 12-2-1975 Adam Robert Lloyd born 8-8-1977 then from the second marriage four children Robert Lloyd Sherriff 3rd 1982 then Kellie Marie Sherriff born 1-6-1984 then Hayley June Sherriff named after the comet born 23-1-1986 then Jarryd Heath Peter Les Sherriff born 9-7-1988. Robert has twelve grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Despite the hardships, Robert did not let his passions die, and in 2017, he started pursuing acting. To his surprise, they cast him in Time of Zoe in 2016 and Zoe—A Zombie Short in 2017. And other major productions.

Robert Sherriff—My God, How Great Thou Art –

Robert Sherriff— NOBODY’S HOME Nobody’s Home 12-7-2020

I am a stolen generation child in 1961. Ward of the State of South Australia 1961. Indigenous on my mother’s side. As a child, I suffered from domestic abuse and sexual abuse.

Australian—Actor – Poet – Model – Author – Singer /song writer – Historian

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Robert Sherriff Author–NOBODY’S HOME

Hello, I am a stolen generation child in 1961. Ward of the State of South Australia 1961.

Indigenous on my mother’s side. As a child, I suffered from domestic abuse and sexual abuse. Nobody’s Home 12-7-2020

Robert Sherriff— NOBODY’S HOME

Robert Sherriff—My God, How Great Thou Art –

Robert Sherriff— NOBODY’S HOME

Robert Sherriff—The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination 12-7-2020

Robert Sherriff—The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination

Robert Sherriff—My God, How Great Thou Art –

Robert Sherriff— NOBODY’S HOME

Robert Sherriff—The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination

Robert Sherriff Author of Dirkbell



Lyrics written and Sung by Robert Sherriff

Music Written by “Crafty”

Virgin EMI Records


COVID-19 has got me crying

I got so many friends out there just dying

I don’t know what to say?   (1 – 2 – 3 – 4) I don’t know what to do?    (1 – 2) 

they wouldn’t Self isolate for fourteen days or wear a mask

They knew it all they couldn’t be told

now it’s just got so sad (1 – 2) it’s too late

And now they have all paid (1 – 2) the ultimate price


They will never control COVID-19 (COVID-19)

it’ll keep on coming back

It won’t ever stop

they will never control COVID-19

Just when you think it’s gone

It just keeps coming back….. ck ck ck

Verse 2:

They will never find an antidote

As all of the history will show us

A million lives gone – – – – – – in this year alone

At the nursing homes the old folks are all just dying….

Kev John Ian and Pete

when you left everyone was crying

while they were killing themselves,…. they were killing their dreams….


They will never control COVID-19 

it’ll keep on coming back

It won’t ever stop

they will never control COVID-19 (COVID-19)

Just when you think it’s gone…

it’ll keep on coming back

Just when you think it’s gone…

they will never control…….ol ol ol 

COVID-19 has got me crying

Australian Government

Copyright Act of 1968