Robert Sherriff I am dying of asbestos please buy my books

Robert Sherriff I am dying of asbestos please buy my books

These books below out in 2021

Detective Crow—New York, New York by Robert Sheriff. “1st book”.

Part Noir Thriller, part Fantasy, and part Alternative History of the world

Detective Crow includes a host of memorable and captivating characters.


Katherine NYMPH by Robert Sheriff. “2nd book”.

This story starts in 1945 at the end of the Second World War when William “Bill” Shillinglaw he was twenty-eight years old. Bill was six-foot-two medium size he had a very masculine shaped body his brown hair always flicking out of his eyes with hazel eyes. Bill had one of those moustaches you twirl; on either side, it was long. Bill was very tired a little weary six years of war had taken its toll on Bill. He had a lot of grey hair. Bill arrived back home about the 5th of November 1945 by boat with thousands of other servicemen looking to get back to the life they had before the War.  God 12- 7–2020. Dirkbell12- 7–2020 Nobody’s Home 12-7-2020 The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination 12-7-2020  crow not on line yet