Detective Crow—New York, New York Robert Sherriff PLEASE BUY MY BOOKS I AM DYING OF ASBESTOS

To be released 2021
Detective Crow—New York, New York by Robert Sherriff
                                       “The city that never sleeps”
The subways are dirty and grungy….
Look New York is not for everyone. It is a dirty and filthy place; you can smell the stench of the subways rising throughout the streets of the city, wafting up through the vents (grates) on the sidewalks.
But she is my kind of town no one ever said that she would smell pretty, be pretty. I didn’t, did you? I just love New York, New York everything is so tall. Black and white and grey skies Detective Crow. “It is the nature of the beast”.                                 
New York says thank you to the brave men and woman who police our streets.                                                                                                                                 Detective Crow resides in a small town called Elizabeth, just outside of New York, where the butterflies dance and the canaries sing to the wondrous tones of Chopin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                Public Announcement “Notice” By the Author
This is a public announcement that during the writing of this book no animals were maimed or killed for the purpose of writing this book.                                                                                                                                                                   Author Robert Lloyd Sherriff Australian 08/07/1954…… 
                                                 Chapter one                                                         
                                              Butterflies Dance
Detective Crow resides in a small town called Elizabeth, just outside of New York, where the butterflies dance and the canaries sing to the wondrous tones of Chopin, where the winds flow so gently in the early springs of November.
It was the early days of the 21st century. Here the goldfish swim in the crystal, clear water and then there are the creatures of the night. They are transformed into the monstrous shapes of frogs. Blue, Green, Red, and Black.
I shiver and shudder as they come from the “World” down under New York. Even the Dark Shadows follow you at night.
The solar sewage knocks you out. This is no ordinal classic horror story.
They skin you and eat you alive with one bite where your blood drips on the pavement all night. Or you will die from your gaping wounds.
So please don’t stop. Don’t walk alone on the streets of New York tonight between 11 pm and 1 am; A small timeframe. They are crude, rude, not nice, unjust they just don’t care.
They will tear you in two, just looking at you. Mean and unclean, afraid of no one accept Detective Crow and her fluffy white duster.  
They hate those words fluffy white duster, mm. They come from a planet far out in the galaxies called ‘Way-out–Yonder.’…  
HEY, WOW, STOP, OK? (Let’s stretch this out a bit more?) OK? “STOP”…You ask why?                                                  
The words on the streets of New York, the Police are taking out Blackie tonight.  Ok then ask yourself this question is the person who was the author of this book is he still alive? His family? Wife, Children, Grandchildren and great-grandchildren? His hobbies? His work? Other books he might have written? His craziness? His mental state? I think if you write a book everyone must be a little crazy. “True”. I know when I read anything; I like to find out all the facts about that person. Again, I think I want to be a brief part of that journey. I wrote this book for you, my old friend. Tell your friends to buy a copy. All First Editions are always worth lots of money. This story is a never-ending story. You will love the twists and turns. How this story goes back and forward. So, enjoy this book I wrote it from my heart. In another place, another time. Another tiny place called earth. It’s your Earth so protect it for your children and their children and their children and their children and their children and U? Never be afraid to dream as dreams come true. Even when you reach 102.  When I write a book, it is like music to my ears… It’s written for you my old friend thanks for your support. Please review this book online Again, it’s about Monstrous frogs, Detective Crow, Dreams, History and aliens+….                                                                                                                     
There’s no other place like New York, New York. No other
                                              the fantasy? The magic?        
No, this it’s not one of those classical Horror Stories. It’s one of those classical detectives Stories.
Who’s telling this story you or me? So “STOP”. Please read, we will talk later.
It is about Detective Crow, a down-to-earth police story. The place she loves and calls home.  
The place where her heart lies.
Detective Crow has been in the police force fighting crime for over three years now. Hers is a voice for those who don’t have a voice. Detective Crow works at the local Police Station in New York, where the biggest skyscrapers touch the stars.
Your town, my town, our town. A town like no other where you walk tall and hold your head up straight and where you are proud to call this place your home, your town.
There’s no other place like New York, New York. No other. The place where the lights never go out. The city that never sleeps. Those little town blues. DA la DA…  
Crow lives for her work. The Detective has a three-digit IQ (180).
She could have done anything with her life.
Detective Crow instead choose to serve. Crow enjoys doing things her own way and smoking cigars. She answers to no one.
Crow loves drinking red wine and listening to her favourite songs they are The Unicorn and How Much Is That Doggie and the Window and Puff the Magic Dragon.
Crow also sings New York, New York. All, these songs make Detective Crow cry.
She is such a softie. She has a Heart of gold she would give you the shirt off her back. Detective Crow always wears black. Crows, favourite Sports teams are the New York Yankees and New York Knicks. She never misses a game. Detective Crow is one of those crazy fans, she tells everyone.
Detective Crow has such a wicked sense of humour.
A friend if you need a friend. A lover of the outdoor life, Crow loves to travel, Crow has been around the world twice….                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
IF WE MAKE THE CHANGE NOW THE EARTH WILL SURVIVE.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
I am now a voice for the people of the world who have no voice. My words are not a language barrier. My Poetry, poems, all my words.
Detective Crow
Detective Crow—New York, New York by Robert Sheriff. “1st book”.
Part Noir Thriller, part Fantasy, and part Alternative History of the world
Detective Crow includes a host of memorable and captivating characters.