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Poet printed in the USA “Mr Sherriff Co/Author”

Rewrite Sunlight – a poetry anthology –   printed 19/10/2017 – ISBN 9781978017214

Seasonal Perspective – a poetry anthology –   printed 29/01/2018 – ISBN 9781984014016

The dirt that lingers as it twirls with the breeze only to be tossed and thrown and torn apart into tiny pinnacles of dust. Were this once great place country America would now be thrown into the abyss of shame were now there is so much hate now and so much greed. Who cares now about those poor inbreeds in need? The poor scamper as does one million children each night looking for food. Its ok for Nasa to waste so much money or gates to get fifthly rich good on them I say. Just remember the poor little ones who will die tonight because they have no food. You ask will God punish these people the people of America? We all know what that answer is. So much waste by so few. By a bunch of fools. Trump has not made America great again. Trump has made America hate America again. Trump preaches NRA. Trump should leave the wall and China alone and twitter alone PENCE will be a good President he is not built with the same crazy ideas or stupid ways of “TRUMP”

I just got home from a third world country


Rome is not burning

America is burning

It’s too late

so much


“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” — William Wordsworth

“Past is historytomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift––that is why it is called the present”

other cheek

One Billion and one

Could you be in that billion

Or are you that one who runs?

Are you a voice for those in trouble?

Are you the person who turns the other cheek?

Do you stop and try to help if someone is in trouble?

Do you stand by if a guy who is drunk and he is bashing his wife and children?

You answer???……………………………………………………………. then you can answer to God.

Are you a follower or a leader?


Grasshopper got my fly

For that no apple pie

Froggie was so up set

He is going to double Grasshoppers rent

Froggie to the Grasshopper no caviar no birthday cake 


Sometimes she embraces me with so much hatred in her heart.
Sometimes she looks at me with the devil in her eyes.

Other times she can be as gentle as a lamb.
Sometimes I don’t know if I can trust her?

she is so evil. I’m damned if I do?

I damned if I don’t?

Yesterday her doctor asked me

Why do you still hang around?

Doctor said is it love or hate?

I replied its fear of fear itself.

Our children was his reply.

Doctor asks are the children

Showing any signs?

Of mental illness?

Mental state?                                                                                                       

Like their mother?

Doctor said it’s in her brain, so dark she will never escape. 

Doctor said you know she might kill you one of these days?

I said if it be so then that’s my fate? I have tried and tried to help her.

eating disorders                                                                                                                     

anxiety disorders                                                                                                            

personality disorders                                                                                                       

substance abuse disorders

depression or bipolar disorder                                                                                                                                                                                                 psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia                                                                       

trauma-related disorders – such as post-traumatic stress disorder

Yes, doctor but I loved her before her mental illness her “mental state”                                      

I will never give up. My wife’s life matters.  

hot ash

of a cigarette

how many times

have I burnt my

fingers? I have lost count                   

Not enough fingers or toes

Who can? afford cigarettes I can’t

anymore prices have doubled, tripped

government taxes. Revenue raising you bet. 

How many times have I said good bye? “HOW MANY”

You keep banging on my door. But no, you keep on coming back

You have even made me cry, I very bad tempered grumpy I’m weak.

How long has it been now fifty-seven-years? I said no more, enough.

Then the very next day. you’re at my front door again. No stop I don’t want you

Any more I said you made unfit. heart problems half a dozen stints, you laughed.

I now know its time for me to stop.