Robert Sherriff My written words

Robert Sherriff                                                                            

My written words 2020

My Work History

I started working when I was about 13-years-old. I was making pies cakes for a large firm in Adelaide.

I would work as a concreter, Landscaper, Spray painter, Salesman with AMP, top salesperson for two years in Australasia.

I got married very young the first time, two boys.

My Second marriage I have been married for over forty years now.

I started my own company twenty years ago Rob and Sons Pty Ltd. I specialised in Telstra work. Over a twenty-year period, I employed 100, s of teenager’s boys and girls.

I was the top manhole builder in Australia. I obtained my builders licence. I have had many other licenses for all facets of construction.

These kids when they left school could not read or write yet they all passed year twelve. I had to teach them how to walk, talk, dress themselves. I found out a lot of those teenagers were on drugs “ice” I would give them one warning then sack them. They would be drug tested once a month. All these teenagers under the award were on $27-00 an hour. 

I blame the State Governments and parents for not taking responsibility. A lot of these teenagers had no work effort or mental effort to succeed.

I had twenty-five to thirty people working for me.

My company was very involved with the NBN rollout. We were turning over $500,000 a month.

A lot of these teenagers had mental problems and I would take them to see my Doctor Sanjeev who would put them on medication to help them.

I brought every one of my employers a diary and asked them to fill them in each day. I said write about your dreams your passion. What you want to be doing in three months’ time, six months’ time. Twelve months’ time five years’ time.

I trained them regarding all facets of NBN. I trained them in regards to removing asbestos, installing pits and building manholes.

Manholes are what you see when you walk outside any building and you see steel lids in footpath.

Robert Sherriff.


Lyrics written and Sung by Robert Sherriff

Music Written by “Crafty”

Virgin EMI Records


COVID-19 has got me crying

I got so many friends out there just dying

I don’t know what to say?   (1 – 2 – 3 – 4) I don’t know what to do?    (1 – 2) 

they wouldn’t Self isolate for fourteen days or wear a mask

They knew it all they couldn’t be told

now it’s just got so sad (1 – 2) it’s too late

And now they have all paid (1 – 2) the ultimate price


They will never control COVID-19 (COVID-19)

it’ll keep on coming back

It won’t ever stop

they will never control COVID-19

Just when you think it’s gone

It just keeps coming back….. ck ck ck

Verse 2:

They will never find an antidote

As all of the history will show us

A million lives gone – – – – – – in this year alone

At the nursing homes the old folks are all just dying….

Kev John Ian and Pete

when you left everyone was crying

while they were killing themselves,…. they were killing their dreams….


They will never control COVID-19 

it’ll keep on coming back

It won’t ever stop

they will never control COVID-19 (COVID-19)

Just when you think it’s gone…

it’ll keep on coming back

Just when you think it’s gone…

they will never control…….ol ol ol 

COVID-19 has got me crying