Robert Sherriff My written words

Robert Sherriff has won awards “trophies” for his writing work in the USA. Poetry.

other cheek

One Billion and one

Could you be in that billion

Or are you that one who runs?

Are you a voice for those in trouble?

Are you the person who turns the other cheek?

Do you stop and try to help if someone is in trouble?

Do you stand by if a guy who is drunk, and he is bashing his wife and children?

You answer? then you can answer to God.

Are you a follower or a leader?


Grasshopper got my fly

For that no apple pie

Froggie was so up set

He is going to double Grasshoppers rent

Froggie to the Grasshopper no caviar no birthday cake 


Sometimes she embraces me with so much hatred in her heart.
Sometimes she looks at me with the devil in her eyes.

Other times she can be as gentle as a lamb.
Sometimes I don’t know if I can trust her?

she is so evil. I’m damned if I do?

I damned if I don’t?

Yesterday her doctor asked me

Why do you still hang around?

Doctor said is it love or hate?

I replied its fear of fear itself.

Our children was his reply.

Doctor asks are the children

Showing any signs?

Of mental illness?

Mental state?                                                                                                       

Like their mother?

Doctor said it’s in her brain, so dark she will never escape. 

Doctor said you know she might kill you one of these days?

I said if it be so then that’s my fate? I have tried and tried to help her.

eating disorders                                                                                                                     

anxiety disorders                                                                                                            

personality disorders                                                                                                       

substance abuse disorders

depression or bipolar disorder                                                                                                                                                                                                 psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia                                                                       

trauma-related disorders – such as post-traumatic stress disorder

Yes, doctor but I loved her before her mental illness her “mental state”                                      

I will never give up. My wife’s life matters. 

African Americans

Why is African American so inferior to white people in America? Is it because The United States President Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862, issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which declared that as of January 1, 1863, all African Americans shall be free? All is it because African Americans won’t have equally equality until two hundred and fifty years after Mr Lincoln death? Is it because a white cop shot dead his twelve-year-old son? Who was outside playing and went to take some money out of his pocket to buy some lollies at the shop?

Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet—author – singer—Historian – Australian                              


Why can’t you trust Americans? everything they see they shot?
Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet—author – singer—Historian – Australian 


Why can’t you trust America they gave us aids, they gave us (COVID-19) they gave us Trump
Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet—author – singer—Historian – Australian 


NASA said they found water on a planet in our solar system and there might have been life. Let’s be real again why would we be allowed to planet jump. We kill as does everything else on this planet. 
Robert Sherriff Australian actor – poet—author – singer—Historian – Australian 

Jesus to All America
“My Father or I” we did not pull the trigger” 
Shooting deaths in America in 2017
Nearly 40, 000 People Died from Guns 
Then there were 39, 773-gun deaths in 2018
and in the U.S. 2019 Last Year, Highest death toll in over 50 Years
The last recorded survey. Now there are almost as many guns (300 million) in the US as people (population: 323 million) 2019. This is twice as many guns per capita as 50 years ago. “now America is the abortion capital of the WORLD.” Give these children a fair go América. To the rest of the WORLD America, you are a disgrace. God of the Christian faith Morality. So sad América have lost their way too much hate and false news.72, 287 people died in the United States from overdoses in 2017. 72, 000 people died in the United States from overdoses in 2018
Synthetic Opioids. Illegal drugs in America affects fifteen million people a year. Ice has been killing six million in the states ‘USA’ each year and around world kills over 30 million poor souls each year. What’s next? Throw out The UK’s “British” ambassador to the United States. In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Ghost.
The HELP?   Holy Ghost.
R. L. Sherriff 2016